General Secretary Kim Jong Un gives field guidance to Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District Under Construction

The respected Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, gave field guidance to the Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District under construction.

He was accompanied by Jo Yong Won, Member of the Presidium of the Political Bureau and Organizational Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Kim Jong Un looked round different places of the construction site to learn about the construction of the residential district.

He said: It is nice-looking to form the residential district by using the natural undulations. There was created a model of building terraced residential district which is perfect in terms of architectural beauty while using the slope of the hill. Such experience in construction is of great importance in the architectural development of our country where the housing construction should be extensively carried out on a nationwide scale in the future and most of the territory is mountains and in implementing the Party's policy on construction.

The construction of the Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District should be mainly aimed at ensuring aesthetic value and providing convenience to the residents of every dwelling house. It is necessary to make good walkways for the residents to come down from their houses without making a detour of the residential district and use the means of transportation and lay out the means of transportation rationally.

Kim Jong Un stressed that it is important to do afforestation in and around the residential section on a high level while artistically building the terraced retaining walls after examining them from the viewpoint of architectural beauty.

He said it is necessary to push ahead with the project as scheduled by supplying the equipment and materials in time as it is sped up.

He also said deep attention should be paid to building up the parks on the bank of the River Pothong better and underscored the need to thoroughly take sci-tech measures to improve the water quality of the river all the more.

He emphasized that the construction of the Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District is important in building up Pyongyang wonderfully into a more modern and civilized city and said it is necessary to make a model of urban housing construction by accelerating the project in quality.

He said a good plan for urban construction should be mapped out and realized to enhance the level of modernization and civilization of the capital and local towns. He stressed the need to plan and distribute all the elements including buildings, establishments, roads and green belts in correlation to provide the people with the most convenient, hygienic and cultured conditions for their living and form them in a diverse, charming and unique way to create the characteristics of a city.

He said it would be good to name the administrative district of the Pothong Riverside Terraced Residential District "Kyongru-dong" in the meaning of a beautiful bead terrace and gave an instruction on examining it at a relevant sector.

Kim Jong Un expressed great satisfaction over the great change made in the area along the shore of the River Pothong, which is quite different from the looks more than 140 days ago, thanks to the patriotism and loyalty of the builders though everything is insufficient and difficult. And he highly praised all the builders for their labour feats.


Kim Jong Un


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