Let Us Brilliantly Accomplish the Revolutionary Cause of Juche,
Holding Kim Jong Il in High Esteem as the Eternal General Secretary of Our Party

Let Us Brilliantly Accomplish the Revolutionary Cause of Juche, <br /> Holding Kim Jong Il in High Esteem as the Eternal General Secretary of Our Party

(Talk to Senior Officials of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea April 6, 2012)

AS we approach the significant Day of the Sun marking the centenary of the birth of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, we will be holding the Fourth Conference of the Workers, Party of Korea amid the great expectations and keen interest of our people and people overseas.

The conference will discuss and decide on acclaiming General Kim Jong Il as the eternal General Secretary of the WPK and glorifying forever his revolutionary career and immortal revolutionary exploits, and will amend the Rules of the Party accordingly. It will also recall some members of the central leadership body of the Party and hold an election to fill the vacancies, which is a regular undertaking at a Party conference.

We should ensure that the conference serves as an epoch-making event that establishes an important milestone in holding up General Kim Jong Il, together with President Kim Il Sung, as the eternal leader of our Party, and in carrying out the ideology and cause of the President and the General with credit.

Through the conference, we should clearly demonstrate the faith, will and moral obligation with which we, the descendants of the President and the soldiers and devoted followers of the General, hold them in high esteem and our determination to carry out their ideology and cause.

We should hold the General up unswervingly as the General Secretary of our Party.

To hold him in high esteem as the eternal General Secretary of our Party is, in principle, a demand for consistently holding fast to his ideology and policies and advancing our revolutionary cause to victory.

Holding him up as the eternal General Secretary of the WPK can never be a symbolic act. It means having him as the General Secretary of the Party invariably and conducting Party building and Party activities in accordance with his ideology and intentions.

His ideology and policies are the permanent guiding principles for our Party and revolution and banners of victory, and their justness and vitality have been proved through our revolutionary practice. Without them, the victorious advance and accomplishment of the cause of our revolution would be inconceivable. If our Party is to lead the Korean revolution along the road of victory and glory as it did in the past, it should hold the General in high esteem as its eternal General Secretary and adhere to strictly and thoroughly implement his ideology and policies.

To hold him up as the eternal General Secretary of our Party is natural in view of the immortal exploits he performed for the times and revolution while leading it for so many years.

The period, during which he developed our Party into the party of President Kim Il Sung with his unexcelled ideas and theory and outstanding leadership, spanned more than half a century. He developed our Party into a revolutionary party in which the leaders5 ideological and leadership systems are firmly established, into a motherly party which has formed a harmonious whole with the masses of the people and serves them, and into an invincible party with iron discipline and fighting efficiency, and he demonstrated the dignity and might Kim Il Sung's Korea to the whole world; these constitute his most distinguished achievements, and they should be brilliantly etched in the annals of our Party.

It is because our Party is strong and the army and people are united around it with a single heart that we can continue to ensure the political stability of the country and carry out all our work without the slightest deviation, even though the supreme posts of the Party and the state remain vacant after the demise of the father of the nation. This would be unthinkable apart from the exploits of the General in leading our Party and revolution, and it showcases the greatness and eternal vitality of these exploits. He was an outstanding leader and peerless veteran statesman who developed the WPK into the organizer and guide of all our people's victories and led our revolution along a road paved with victory.

To hold him in high esteem as the eternal General Secretary of our Party conforms with the noble ideological feeling and desire of all Party members and other people, and is natural from the point of view of moral obligation.

Though he devoted his all throughout his life to the prosperity of the country and the happiness of the people, he left nothing for himself. He was on the most intensive forced march, taking not a moment’s rest, until he breathed his last on a moving train. Such a leader has never been witnessed anywhere in the world. He lives on as the father of the nation and General Secretary of our Party in the hearts of our people and service personnel, who believed in him as in heaven, and the world's people recognize this. The benevolent image of him as the General Secretary of the WPK will always remain in the hearts of our Party members and other people.

Our officials, including those present here, along with other Party members, service personnel and people, are all the General's soldiers and devoted followers who grew up in his embrace. It is our natural duty and moral obligation to hold the man, who brought us up, in high esteem as our eternal leader and great teacher. Although he was the leader of the Party, the state and the army, he regarded himself all his life as a revolutionary soldier of President Kim Il Sung, held the President up as the eternal leader of the Party and the people and devoted his all to the realization of the latter’s cause. The General's noble traits and moral obligation are a paragon which we should all learn from.

Only when we hold him in high esteem as the eternal General Secretary of our Party can we brilliantly accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche by dynamically pushing forward the revolution and construction as we did in the past. The post of General Secretary of the WPK should be occupied only by General Kim Jong Il, even though one generation is replaced by another. For this reason, we are going to adopt a historic decision on acclaiming him as the eternal General Secretary of our Party, the eternal leader of the Party and people, and include it in the Rules of the Party at the Party conference.

Our Party, with him as its eternal General Secretary, can carry the revolutionary cause of Juche and the revolutionary cause of Songun to brilliant completion with a solid organizational and ideological guarantee for leading the revolution and construction to victory.

We intend to discuss the matter of acclaiming him as the eternal Chairman of the National Defence Commission of the DPRK at a session of the Supreme People's Assembly to be held following the Party conference.

At the conference we intend to proclaim the WPK as the glorious party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

The history of the WPK is the history of the great revolutionary activities of the President who founded it, as well as of the General who brilliantly carried forward the President’s ideology and cause. Our Party's high prestige, invincible might and great exploits in the revolution and construction are associated with the names of the President and the General, and their names will be immortal along with the development of our Party. The WPK is the party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il, who are its eternal leaders.

The guiding ideology of the WPK is the great Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism. It is a glorious Kimilsungist- Kimjongilist party whose guiding ideology is Kimilsungism- Kimjongilism and which struggles for its realization.

By energetically conducting ideological and theoretical activities with unexcelled ideological and theoretical wisdom and extraordinary ability to explore, the General formulated the President's revolutionary ideology as Kimilsungism, and ensured that it shone more brilliantly as a great ideology guiding the era of independence. In particular, he developed the President’s idea of giving priority to arms into the idea of the Songun revolution and the theory of Songun politics, and advanced the theory of building a thriving socialist nation, thus significantly enhancing the attraction and viability of Kimilsungism and clearly verifying its justness in the revolutionary practice.

Because the General managed the unique achievement of developing Kimilsungism as required by the times and the developing revolution, our Party members and other people could combine the President’s ideology with the General's, calling them Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism and recognizing it as the guiding ideology of our Party. However, the General, who was boundlessly humble, sternly forbade his name from being associated with the guiding ideology of our Party, saying that nothing would be seen other than Kimilsungism, no matter to what extent one delved into Kimjongilism.

Today our Party and revolution demand that Kimilsungism- Kimjongilism be held fast to as their permanent guiding ideology.

Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism is an integral system of the idea, theory and method of Juche, and a great revolutionary ideology representative of the Juche era. Guided by Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism, we should conduct Party building and Party activities in such a way as to sustain the revolutionary character of our Party and advance the revolution and construction in line with the ideas and intentions of the President and the General.

Imbuing the whole society with Kimilsungism- Kimjongilism is the highest programme for our Party. It is a revolutionary inheritance of the imbuing of the whole society with Kimilsungism and its development onto a new higher stage.

Just as we set imbuing the whole society with Kimilsungism as the highest programme for the Party and made strenuous efforts to realize it under the wise guidance of the General, we should, in the future, make more strenuous efforts to imbue the whole society with Kimilsungism- Kimjongilism.

We have travelled a road resplendent with brilliant victories by braving every manner of historical trial, but we still have a long, arduous revolutionary road to follow. Owing to the vicious schemes of the imperialists and reactionaries to isolate and stifle our style of socialism that is centred on the masses of the people, the situation is as tense as ever, and we are faced with the grave task of giving fuller play to the advantages and might of socialism and building a thriving socialist country by solving in full the problems arising in developing the economy and improving the people's living standards.

However difficult and huge our revolutionary task may be, we are sure to emerge victorious as long as we are with our outstanding leaders whom we revere as the eternal sun of Juche, are guided by the ever-victorious WPK and are supported by the people and the invincible revolutionary army of Mt. Paektu, which are boundlessly faithful to their Party and leaders.

We should hold the great General in high esteem as the eternal leader of our Party and people and add lasting brilliance to his revolutionary career and immortal revolutionary exploits.

He was a great leader, a peerless patriot and the benevolent father of our people, who devoted his all solely to the country's prosperity and the people's happiness with absolute loyalty to the President and warm affection for his country and people. His was the most brilliant life of a peerlessly great man who performed immortal exploits for the Party and the revolution, the country and the people, true to the noble intentions of the President.

We should maintain a pure conscience and a sense of moral obligation in pushing forward all undertakings that are aimed at holding the General in high esteem for all eternity and realizing the cause of immortalizing him.

We should make sure that the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, where the President and the General lie in state, shines forever as the sanctuary of the sun. The palace is the beacon of our revolution, our permanent psychological mainstay and the symbol of victory. Our officials, service personnel and people should make the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun the sanctuary of the eternal sun, and live and work with the beaming images of the President and the General always in their minds.

We should staunchly safeguard the General's ideology and exploits and solve all the problems that arise in the revolution and construction true to his ideology and intentions and in the same way as he did. In his lifetime he specified the tasks to be tackled by our Party and people in the revolution and construction and the ways they should be implemented. We should regard his instructions as our guideline and carry them out unconditionally without any deviation and without any concession, so as to bring his plans and desires to brilliant fruition.

We should continuously develop the WPK into the eternal, glorious party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

Developing our Party into the eternal party of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il means holding fast to Kimilsungism- Kimjongilism as its guiding ideology and promoting its development and activities in strict accordance with their ideology and intentions.

What is important in this regard is to establish more firmly the monolithic leadership system of the Party.

We should make this the major task of Party work, and work with perseverance to this end to meet the requirements of the new, higher stage of the development of our Party and revolution.

All Party members, service personnel and people should support the Party's ideology and leadership with faith and conscience, unite closely behind the Party Central Committee in ideology, purpose and moral obligation, and share the same destiny with our Party in ordinary times and when things are most difficult.

Party organizations should create a revolutionary atmosphere of implementing the Party's policies, decisions and directives unconditionally and to the letter. They should take proactive steps to establish revolutionary discipline and the working style of promptly transmitting the Party's policies, decisions and directives, making careful arrangements so that they can be implemented thoroughly and reporting back on the results promptly.

It is important to establish throughout the Party the strict revolutionary discipline of acting as one under the monolithic leadership of the Party Central Committee. Party organizations should analyse and assess the problems that arise in the revolution and construction from the point of view of the interests of the revolution and with the attitude that they are taking responsibility for them before the Party, the state and the people, report them to the Party Central Committee and deal with them according to the latter's decision.

We should continue to direct great efforts to building up the ranks of cadres.

Cadres are the leading personnel of the revolution and the backbone of the Party; the development of the Party is decided by the qualitative composition of the ranks of cadres.

We should radically improve personnel administration and build up the ranks of cadres with faithful and able persons who are ready to share the destiny of the Party forever. In personnel administration, the main emphasis should be put on people's ideological preparedness, qualifications and ability. We should build up the ranks of cadres with those who are promising, have organizing ability and drive, and never fail to see a task through to the finish once they are entrusted with it.

We should intensify the ideological education and organizational activities of cadres and constantly train them through revolutionary practice so as to ensure that they discharge their responsibilities and duties as befits the leading personnel of the revolution.

We should consolidate the Party's ranks.

We should strictly observe Party principles in increasing Party membership so as to admit to the Party those who are politically and ideologically sound, are responsible and enthusiastic in fulfilling their revolutionary tasks, are upright and honest in their economic and moral lives and enjoy a reputation among the masses.

Party organizations should decisively raise the level of the Party life of its members so that they remain always faithful to the oath they took before the Party flag, becoming models for the masses at their posts and playing the vanguard role in fulfilling their revolutionary tasks.

We should strengthen the single-hearted unity of the Party and the revolutionary ranks in every way and defend it completely.

The single-hearted unity is the most valuable revolutionary heritage bequeathed by the General and the great foundation of our revolution. Our single-hearted unity, formed by the leader, the Party and the masses with a great ideology and warm feelings and affection, is the greatest wealth and cannot be compared to millions of tons of gold.

We should boundlessly respect the people, regard their interests as supreme and take care of them with maternal affection.

True to the noble will of the President and the General, who regarded "The people are my God” as their motto, we should regard the people as our God, boundlessly respect them, give prominence to them and conduct every undertaking with their demands and interests at the centre. Party organizations, out of maternal feelings, should always value and love the people, guarantee their political integrity to the last and help them add lustre to it. Just as a mother does not abandon an ugly or mischievous child but is more anxious and concerned about him or her, so Party organizations should ensure that all the people are embraced by the Party and feel the General's affection. They should not turn their backs on those who make mistakes while performing their tasks, but embrace them and educate them perseveringly so that they can add lustre to their life in the ranks of the revolution.

We should ensure that the noble and beautiful moral trait of helping and leading one another forward prevails throughout the country so that our society is turned into a large, harmonious family that is united with a single heart.

A few months ago, Pak Thae Son, a miner at the Kumgol Mine, and Ri Chang Son, a farmer at the Ohyon Cooperative Farm, Yonan County, sacrificed their lives without hesitation to save their comrades. Their heroic deeds greatly moved people. They can be performed only by people in our era who have grown up under the care of the President and the General, and they are an example which all of us should learn from.

Party organizations should ensure that all Party members and other working people, with a revolutionary view of life, devote themselves to society, the collective and their comrades, and thus imbue themselves with the spirit of the era of actively contributing to the unity and harmony of their collectives. They should bring into fuller bloom across society the fine traits of respecting the revolutionary forerunners, holding up the heroes and people of merit of the era, loving the younger generations and looking after those people who are in need of society's care.

Party organizations should grasp the public sentiment and ensure that every undertaking is oriented towards and subordinated to strengthening the single-hearted unity of the revolutionary ranks.

Single-hearted unity that is separated from the public sentiment is inconceivable. Party organizations should listen to the opinions of the people, promptly solve any problems they raise, and wage a struggle against the practices of slighting or neglecting the public sentiment. Whenever they are organizing an undertaking or dealing with a matter that is vital to the people, they should examine whether it is conducive to single- hearted unity or not, and approach it prudently on the principle of strengthening that unity.

We should resolutely frustrate the pernicious machinations of the enemy aimed at undermining our single-hearted unity.

What the enemy fears most is our single-hearted unity; he persistently resorts to underhand plots to destroy it. With the enemy resorting to every conceivable scheme to check the pure-hearted aspiration of our people who follow their Party and to alienate the Party from them, we should further intensify the education of the people and, at the same time, wage a positive struggle to foil the enemy's moves.

We should hold fast to the Party's line of the Songun revolution and increase the country's all-round military capabilities.

Songun is our independence, dignity and lifeblood. We should not forget the bitter lessons of history that our people learned in the past when they lost their country and were subjected to the misery of colonial slavery because of their weak military strength. It is the stark reality of today that if a country is weak militarily it cannot defend its independence and its right of survival and will ultimately fall prey to the imperialists. Therefore, we should make consistent efforts to increase our military capabilities.

We should continue to direct great efforts to strengthening the People's Army. The might of Songun is the might of the People's Army, and the key to increasing our military capabilities is to strengthen the People's Army.

We should establish throughout the army the leadership system of the Party, the command system of the Supreme Commander, and a revolutionary military ethos, thus developing it into the army of the leader, the Party and the Supreme Commander.

The People's Army should further consolidate the political, ideological, military and technological might of our revolutionary armed forces by vigorously conducting the movement to win the title of O Jung Hup-led 7th Regiment, regarding this as the general task of its political and military work. By intensifying political and ideological education, it should prepare all the service personnel to be strong in their ideology and faith, and to be boundlessly loyal to the Party 5s leadership and ready to risk their lives in fighting for the Party and the leader, the country and the people.

It should establish an atmosphere of intensive training as befits the army of Mt. Paektu so as to enhance its combat efficiency to the maximum, and make sure that all service personnel maintain constant readiness for battle. The secret of becoming a-match-for-a-hundred combatants lies in strict training. In wartime a soldier who is exemplary in battle is a hero, but in peacetime a soldier who is good at training is a hero. Service personnel should prepare themselves to be steel-strong, a-match-for-a-hundred, versatile combatants with great mental strength, unyielding fortitude and high combat efficiency and qualifications by training themselves in the atmosphere of an actual battle. They should always be deeply aware of their noble mission as defenders of the country, and if the enemy intrudes by even an inch into the sacred sky, land or sea of our Republic, they should never forgive him.

The People's Army, the main force of the revolution, should always be the standard-bearer and shock brigade not only in defending the country but also in carrying out the Party’s plan for building a thriving nation and the advance guard in creating and disseminating the Songun culture of the new century.

We should provide our service personnel with better living conditions. The people have entrusted their children to the care of the Supreme Commander and officers; we should take good care of their lives, treating them as our own family, true to the intention of the General who bestowed all his affection on them as their own father would do.

The work of cementing the great army-people unity should be further intensified. Holding fast to the slogan “Help the people!" the People's Anny should play the leading role in achieving army-people unity by loving and respecting the people and volunteering to help them. The people should positively emulate the revolutionary soldier spirit and fighting mettle of the People's Army, be wholehearted in their support for it, and if necessary share the same destiny as the service personnel in the same trench.

We should put the defence industry on a highly Juche-oriented, modem and scientific footing, so as to guarantee the country's defence capabilities materially and technically.

The history of our defence industry is the history of the revolutionary activities of President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il. The might of the defence industry we have so far built up under their wise leadership is indeed great.

We should safeguard the imperishable exploits they performed in developing the defence industry and give priority to the development of the defence industry in keeping with the requirements of the line of economic construction in the Songun era, so as to increase the country's military capabilities in every respect. We should further consolidate the self- supporting character of the defence industry and establish cutting-edge scientific and technological foundations for it The workers, scientists and technicians in the defence industry should develop more state-of-the-art military hardware of our own style and produce it at the highest qualitative level, thus further modernizing the military hardware of the People's Army.

An atmosphere in which military affairs are given priority should be created throughout society, and the all-people, nationwide defence system consolidated so that the whole country is turned into an impregnable fortress. Members of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and Young Red Guards should make full preparations for defending their homes and villages and their socialist motherland by intensifying their military training.

We should make radical progress in improving the people's standard of living and building the country into an economic giant.

To improve the people's standard of living and boost the country's economy is essential in the struggle to translate into reality the General’s intention to build a thriving country.

The General saw to it that everything was subordinated to developing the country's economy and improving the people's standard of living, and laid solid foundations for making the people better off and boosting the country's economy. We should ensure that the priceless assets bequeathed by the General through a painstaking effort fulfil their potential, thus making our people who have invariably trusted and followed our Party the happiest in the world. This was the ardent desire of the General, and is the firm determination and will of our Party.

We should satisfactorily solve the food problem for the people.

At present, various steps are being taken to solve the food problem; we should radically increase state investment in agricultural production and encourage the entire Party, the whole country and all the service personnel and people to turn out and carry out to the letter the Party's policy on the agricultural revolution. We should conduct farming in a scientific and technological way so as to increase the per-unit area yield and thereby meet the target for agricultural production put forward by the Party without fail, and organize food procurement and administration to the minutest detail so as to ensure a regular food supply for the people.

Efforts should be directed to developing light industry in order to solve the problem of consumer goods. We should take thorough measures for supplying raw and other materials so that light-industry factories can maintain regular production; we should also increase the production of consumer goods and improve their quality, so that everybody will want commodities made in our country. In addition, we should see to it that all the goods we produce are supplied to the people.

Priority should be given to solving the urgent problems facing the people, such as those of houses, drinking water and fuel, so that they do not experience any inconvenience in their lives.

We should make the flames of Hamnam blaze higher and launch a determined offensive to boost the vanguard sectors of the national economy, the basic industries, as soon as possible, thus consolidating the foundations for economic development and bringing about a great upsurge in production in all sectors of the national economy.

The electric-power, coal-mining and metallurgical industries and rail transport sector should be given precedence; only then can the national economy be given a boost and the people's standard of living stabilized and improved.

By channeling major efforts into the vanguard sectors of the national economy, the electric-power industry in particular, we can radically increase power production, make the most of the electric power we generate to develop the country's overall economy and improve the people's living standards, and strengthen the control over its use. We should bear in mind the will and intention of the General who visited the construction site of the Huichon Power Station several times a year to ease the power shortage, and decisively boost the electric-power industry.

We should thoroughly implement our Party's grand strategy for achieving prosperity by giving definite precedence to the vanguard sectors and bringing about a great upsurge in production in all sectors and units of the national economy.

Amid the flames of the industrial revolution in the new century, we should build our country into one with a knowledge-based economy.

It is the world trend to put the economy on a knowledge basis, and we are faced with the epochal task of transforming our national economy into one that develops by dint of knowledge.

We should struggle with a high aim and ideal, true to the intention of the General to keep our feet firmly planted on our land and look out over the rest of the world, and beat the world in all aspects. By vigorously waging a drive to achieve a cutting edge with the same pioneering spirit and creative attitude displayed by the developers of the Ryonha machine tools in producing the latest CNC machine tools, we should raise the overall standard of our technical equipment to the world level and perfect our economic structure as required in the era of the knowledge economy.

We should create an atmosphere in which definite precedence is given to science and technology, they are brought closer to production, and all the problems that arise in economic construction are solved by relying on science and technology; by so doing, we should guarantee the economic development of the country by means of science and technology.

We should direct efforts to land management so as to turn our country into a people's paradise which is more beautiful and better to live in.

Land management is a patriotic undertaking of everlasting significance for the prosperity of our country, our motherland, and for the well-being of all the generations to come. The whole Party, the whole country, the entire army and all the people should turn out and plant trees so that the whole land is thickly covered with forests in the coming few years. Along with this, they should turn the country into a socialist paradise by bringing about a decisive turn in land management, including the improvement of the rivers and roads, and urban management.

In order to bring about a revolutionary turn in improving the people's living standards and building an economic giant, we should establish rigid discipline whereby all the problems that arise in economic work are brought to the Cabinet and solved according to its coordinated command.

As the headquarters in charge of the country's economy, the Cabinet should work out economic development targets and strategy on a scientific and realistic basis and in a far-sighted manner, and positively push forward its supervision and guidance of overall economic work in a unified manner.

All sectors and units should solve the problems in economic work after consulting the Cabinet, and carry out to the letter its decisions and directives aimed at implementing the Party's economic policies.

Party committees at all levels should wage a struggle against any practices which hinder the strengthening of the Cabinet responsibility system, the Cabinet-centred system, and fully support the Cabinet and other administrative and economic organs at various levels, so that they can satisfactorily discharge their duty and role as masters and executors of economic work.

Efforts should be focused on holding fast to socialist principles in economic work and enhancing the sense of responsibility and role of the working people, who carry out production and construction, so as to increase production to the maximum.

We should also effect an uninterrupted revolutionary upsurge in all fields of cultural construction, including education, public health, literature and the arts, and sports, so as to add lustre to our country as a cultured socialist country.

By increasing state investment in education, putting education on a modem basis, radically improving the level of general secondary education and intensifying university education, we can train in larger numbers world-class scientific and technological personnel who will shoulder the building of a thriving socialist country. We should give full play to the advantages of our country's socialist healthcare system, create and disseminate greater numbers of excellent literary and artistic works of the times, make sports mass-based and create a wave of enthusiasm for sports across the country. In this way, we should ensure that our people become creators and enjoyers of socialist culture that is noble and civilized, and the whole society brims over with joy and optimism.

In order to bring about a decisive turn in the building of a thriving socialist country as was the intention and desire of General Kim Jong Il, we should, first of all, enhance the militant function and role of Party organizations.

Party organizations are the political staff of the units concerned, and their basic task is to enlist officials, Party members and other working people in carrying out the Party's lines and policies without fail. Success in the work of each sector and unit depends entirely on how its Party organization performs its function and role.

Party organizations should thoroughly implement the ideas and lines of the General by firmly establishing policy-oriented principles and conducting energetic political and organizational work. They should conduct a profound study of the General’s intentions and plans, the tasks facing their respective units to materialize them and the ways of implementing them, arrange their work in a scrupulous manner, organize Party guidance over administrative and economic work to the last detail and rouse officials and the broad sections of the masses of the people to carrying out the General’s instructions.

Party organizations should intensify Party guidance over the law-enforcement organs, such as the judicial, procuratorial and people's security organs.

The effort to build a thriving socialist country is accompanied by a serious class struggle to eliminate everything that is hostile and non-socialist. Party organizations should ensure that law-enforcement organs discharge their sacred mission and duty by staunchly safeguarding the socialist system and the gains of the revolution and reliably defending the people's lives, property and security.

Party organizations should intensify Party guidance over the working people's organizations to ensure that all these organizations and their members turn out as one in the ongoing general march.

True to the Party's idea of focusing on young people, Party organizations should give prominence to young people and always pay close attention to working with them. They should lead the youth league organizations to glorify the immortal exploits performed by the President and the General for the youth movement of Korea and step up the education of their members so that our revolution can be steadily carried forward through the generations. Young people should always advance straight forward following the Party; a prosperous tomorrow will be achieved earlier by our young people taking vigorous steps.

Party organizations should give proper Party guidance to trade union and union of agricultural workers’ organizations so that our trustworthy working class and agricultural working people fulfil their duties as the masters of factories and farms and production workers.

Our women constitute a powerful force that pushes ahead one of the two wheels of the revolution. Party organizations should provide effective Party guidance to the women's union organizations so as to ensure that women fully discharge their duties for the prosperity of the country and the harmony and happiness of society and their families and continue to exalt their honour as the flowers of the era.

Next, officials should perform to the full their responsibility and role as the leading personnel of the revolution.

Officials must defend the Party's policies and lines unto death, standing in the vanguard, and rouse the masses to implementing them, and they must also organize and direct today's general onward march.

Officials should perform their work in a revolutionary way, on the standpoint that they are entirely responsible for the work in their respective sectors and units. In particular, senior officials should work with a firm determination to prove themselves worthy of the love and trust of the Party and people that have brought them up and raised them to prominence. They should become as honest and able as Kim Chaek, who performed with credit any task however difficult it was, in support of Kim Il Sung.

Officials should work with a creative and enterprising attitude and style. They should plan and organize their work with a far-reaching target and ideals, and be pioneers and forerunners in creating and introducing new things. They should also be men of action who carry any undertaking through to completion once they set about doing it. All officials should be resolute in doing away with the outdated ideological viewpoints and backward methods and styles of work. The position our officials should occupy today is in the vanguard of the ranks; they should be the point-men in blazing the trail and an engine propelling the masses forward.

They should devote their all to the people. The people do not exist for the sake of officials, but officials exist for the sake of the people.

By learning from the President’s and the General's view of the people, all officials should go among the people, sharing good times and bad with them, and make tireless efforts for their good. They should always put the people first in their consideration, direct primary concern to their livelihood, always think and work sincerely to solve the problems in their lives and do more for their benefit. They should be true servants of the people who know nothing other than working for the people, are faithful and effective in undertaking it and find pleasure and pride in the efforts they make for them.

By implementing the intentions and instructions of the President and the General, we should accomplish the historic cause of national reunification without fail. And true to their strategy and plan for our external activities, we should proactively contribute to achieving the cause of global independence.

Keeping in mind that the President and the General are always with us and are encouraging us, we should redouble our efforts to realize their plans and desires with credit and glorify the new century of the Juche revolution as an era of victory and glory.

For the present, when we are about to hold the Party conference and various other events to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the President, we should scrupulously organize the work to ensure that they are a success. In addition, we should pay close attention to ensuring that our people enjoy themselves on the Day of the Sun in a meaningful way, and make detailed arrangements for it.


KIm Jong IlKim Jong Un


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