Minutes of the Preliminary Meeting of July 27th

THE meeting commenced at 10:11am with Mister Teugh Santosa addressing the audience. He proceeded to inform the participants that the formal meeting will be commencing later this afternoon in mark of the armistice agreement which liberated Korea and he then handed the floor to His Excellency.

His Excellency Mister Nepal began to address the gathered delegates and spoke in relation to the event at 3pm. He stated that this meeting will discuss the matters preceding and in preparation for the meeting this afternoon. He warmly welcomed the delegates and set a positive ambience for the succeeding discussion. He reminisced about the 2017 meeting in Jakarta in which international delegates were gathered. He argued for greater international recognition of the importance to which Indonesia should have upon the world stage and he continued to highlight the amazing achievements and statistics which are assigned to the nation. He thanked the delegates for travelling internationally and he stressed the importance of the bold manner to which solidarity should be applied regarding the complex matter of Korean reunification. He also stated the importance of the presence of communist and socialist parties in the political landscape.

Thanking Mister Nepal, he began to discuss international matters and he stated the introductory speech will be made by Mister Javed Ansari. Mister Ansari stated that the APRCPRK has initiated the inaugural preparatory committee regarding the liberation of the fatherland war and in celebration of the foundation of Korea. The APRCPRK has formed this preparatory committee with the various national committees and he highlighted the international solidarity for the just struggle of the Korean people. He thanked Mister Nepal for patronising the meeting and he looked forward to the further work of the APRCPRK. How stated how beneficial Teguh’s activities are and how he has completely energised the movement. He also remarked that it is the demand of the international youth to make a greater structure within the APRCPRK. In this regard he wishes to propose the acceleration and strengthening of its position and presence in order to benefit in the increase of the organisation.

He noted the unfortunate circumstance as to how the director Raymond Ferguson could not physically attend and so Mister Ansari will propose on his behalf the members that there should be new posts of the APRCPRK. He states that three people show obtain new posts being Mister Anwar from the Senate of Pakistan who should receive a posting as he has kindly agreed to attend and spend his time to strengthen the organisation. He then spoke of Mister Kenji from Japan who wishes to support the peaceful reunification. He lamented the deaths of Mister Hirohumi and Sukarnoputri and so he recommended Mister Ulemi being the Executive Director for a foundation supporting the development of Mongolian herders, to a new post. He wished to admit these two people to the chairmanship of the APRCPRK. He recommended as a member of the PIB Mister Ayyub Quairishi the editor of the monthly magazine, “The Struggle,” in Pakistan. His involvement he said will bolster the information campaign of the Committee and he asked for any objection.

Mister Wilson, with Rafael seconding the motion, saw the acceptance of the motion. The proposal was unanimously approved under the watchful instruction of His Excellency Mister Nepal.

Mister Wilson remarked on the economic and physical cost of the travel and he wished to thank the guests as Korea is the most isolated that is has been. He remarked on the positive steps in regards to negotiations between the Koreas and the United States. He believed this APRCPRK meeting provides a strong statement as to how important dialogue will be. He states that today should solely concentrate on what national organisations can do to improve peaceful co-existence internationally. Mister Wilson states that the Committee which was made in 2012, has unfortunately remained with the respective national organisations remaining solitary and keeping to themselves. He states that since unity is strength; that the concatenation of national forces will now present to the world a strong voice. He then called for a preliminary exchange of the letter addressed to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Mister Wilson states that the afternoon meeting will have a motion deliberated. He states that the United States is using the United Nations flag as their own in Korea and that their bases and war games are under the authority of the United Nations and it is up to them to prove the truth of the United States actions. However, this letter wishes to completely expose this falsehood and it aims to revoke the permission of the United States to use the United Nations banner there in Korea. He believes that this will elevate our group in sharing its voice in regards to the political arena. He states that we realise that by pulling together the national societies that is will strengthen its promulgation. He remarked that this letter should be the start of a concentrated dialogue today in thinking about the strategies of helping Korea and supporting sympathetic movements in the South so that their voices can be heard under the reign of President Yoon.

Mister Santosa read out a letter by a Korean activist who was arrested in the south of Korea.

The brainstorming session then began as to what actions we can take and can publicly advocate for.

Mister Victor stated that while South Korea is a garrison state, the ILPS in Korea finds itself dislocated from travel to the North. He believes that the ILPS which has many sister movements in Korea, can cooperate in the region to further strengthen activities.

Madam Marisa believed that the most important factor is the ability to use legal and solidarity organisations in Korea support international appeals for inter-Korean travel.

Mister Ivan wanted to circulate a solidarity statement to Korean groups internationally.

Mister Zaw Than believes the APRCPRK can utilise itself to argue against the prosecutor regarding the matter.

His Excellency Mister Nepal remarked that the Demilitarised Zone in Korea is not respected as the zone is not militarised. He remarked that in Nepal there was an armed conflict between the Communist parties and the government for a revolution. He then stated that he ended the potential conflict by arguing that the parties should be united against the Monarchy of Nepal. This therefore calmed the combatants by focusing their energy on a shared goal. He stated that whilst a United Nations base is present in a country, then they will fight extremely hard to prevent its presence from leaving the country. He states that the United Nations are cowardly in their tactics and therefore he believes a lot of pressure should be applied to the governments of the member nations of the Untied Nations. He then believes that the issue of the Korean activist should have our backing and that we should help her legal defence.

Mister Wilson asked if the G77 can become more proactive for peace in Korea. His Excellency responded by stating that whilst the European Union members initially pressed Nepal he believes that independent decisions provoke secret support from international governments. Mister Nepal related the history of Nepal’s independence stance and how recent events play into the United States’ strategy of disintegration of Asian countries. Therefore he believes in the high importance of China in regards to Korean reunification.

Mister Victor believed there should be a letter of appeal written by the APRCPRK addressed individually to the nations of the G77. He believes a letter addressed to China should be sounded differently to the letters of the G77. Mister Victor stressed the important role Korean organisations should play in joining our organisations.

Mister Wilson spoke of the technological hunger to which the Korean people are suffering and they are interested in obtaining guest lecturers at the universities in Korea.

Mister Popovic spoke of the importance of tourism in exchanging ideas and technological interactions. He advocated an international platform in creating a teacher’s exchange program.

Mister Santosa remarked of how Korea can be unified under current conditions. He reminisced of how promising Korean unification was during the previous five years and how this period has ended. He stated how seeing reunification flags present in sporting games and how the officials of the different nations were together. He also remarked on how the situation is completely disregarding concerning the Korean peninsula in regards to its division by student and consumers of the western media.

Mister Victor also showed how the UN treaty is being used as a publicity stunt against Korea by the United States and that he thinks an information campaign should be launched by the APRCPRK. He states that an information campaign is fundamental in the promotion of the reality of Korea. Mister Victor believed that improving the image of Korea’s nuclear weapons program is vital for the positive perspective of Korea by outsiders.

Mister Ivan wanted to propose that the information drive of the APRCPRK should be concentrated upon. He states it will be very important as it can garner support from external sources and that tourists should have a correct perspective of Korea.
Mister Zaw Than spoke in which he requested the joining of a potential Burmese-Korean Friendship society to the APRCPRK in the upcoming lead to its formation.

Mister Rafael said that various teaching and scientific alliances are present in the Philippines and are in cooperation within the Philippines society.
Mister Santosa spoke of his society’s history with Korea and he believes that despite Korea providing multiple sources of information, people in general completely disregard this information and believe the western media. He states that the only information which is important is that from the western media and so the movement has to focus on relations beyond general fact finding. He states that the friendship activities should be made on a personal basis which is more fundamental than the level to which the media spreads information. He stressed that new members and new ideas need to be the centre of our activities.

Mister Wilson spoke about his original impressions about Korea.

Mister Zaw Than related the state of affairs in Burma and he spoke of the history regarding the relations between itself and Korea and he stated that there is potential growth for this new Burmese-Korean society forming in the country since the timing is most opportune and fortunate.

Mister Santosa closed the meeting at 12pm and stated that the official meeting will begin at 3pm.

His Excellency Madhav Kumar Nepal
Mister Teguh Santosa
Mister Javed Ansari
Mister Peter Wilson
Mister Ahn Young Baek
Mister Zaw Than
Mister Victor Garces
Mister Ivan Sucgang
Madam Marisa Dumanjug
Mister Rafael Mariano
Mister Christian Popovic



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