APRCPRK Successfully Holds 70th Anniversary of the Korean War Armistice

The 70th anniversary of the signing of the Korean War armistice was held by the Asia Pacific Regional Committee for Peaceful Reunification of Korea in Jakarta, Indonesia, Thursday (27/7). The activity which was held in a hybrid manner was attended by dozens of APRCPRK members from a number of countries, namely Australia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan and Indonesia as the host.

Two APRCPRK Co-Chairperson, namely Hon. Madav Kumar Nepal from Nepal and Rafael V. Mariano from the Philippines were present at the commemoration. Meanwhile, Director of Secretariat Raymond Ferguson from Australia chaired a virtual meeting from his respective home town.

Other international participants who attended the meeting at the Ibis Menteng Hotel, Central Jakarta were: Christian Popovic from Australia, a member of the Public Information Bureau (PIB) of APRCPRK; from the Philippines, Victor Garces, Marisa P. Dumanjug, and Ivan Sucgang attended;  Dr Zaw Than from Myanmar; Executive Member of APRCPRK Peter Wilson and Young Baek Ahn from New Zealand; and Joint Secretary of APRCPRK Javed Ansari from Pakistan.

The commemoration was also attended by the Ambassador of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, An Kwang Il.

From the host Indonesia, the delegation was led by the Chairman of the Association of Friendship and Cultural Exchange of Indonesia-DPRK Teguh Santosa who is also the Director of PIB of APRCPRK.

After opening the meeting, Ray Ferguson gave DPRK Ambassador An Kwan Il the opportunity to give a speech followed by Hon. Nepali Madhav Kumar.

Javed Ansari from Pakistan then read a letter from the APRCPRK addressed to Marshal Kim Jong Un.

"Availing ourselves of this opportunity, we would like to pay our highest tribute to President Kim Il Sung who defeated two imperialists within one and single generation by tint of his iron will and conviction, unrivaled wisdom, strategy and tactics and outstanding leadership ability and to Leader Kim Jong Il who pursued the original Songun Politics, thereby firmly defending socialist Korea and making immortal contribution to accomplishment of the global cause of independence," it reads among others.

The next activity is the screening of the short video "Three Years in Defense of National Flag".

Next to speak was Len Cooper from Australia, the Chairman, International League for Peoples' Struggle (ILPS) and the Co-chair of Asia-Pacific Regional Preparatory Committee for Celebration of the 70th anniversary of Victory of the Korean People in the Great Fatherland Liberation War and the 75th Founding Anniversary of the DPRK.

Followed by Damien Ogbonna, Chairman of the People's Progressive Party Nigeria, Chairman of the African Committee for Friendship & Solidarity with the Korean People, and also Co-Chair Organizing Committee International festival in Praise of the Great Persons of Mt Paektu.

After that, Comrade from Turkiye read the statement by Co-Chairperson of APRCPRK Dogu Perincek.

Furthermore, Peter Wilson explains Letter from APRCPRK to the Secretary General of the United Nations regarding the use of UN flag by the US command in south Korea.

Mr. Wilson read the first paragraph which strictly reads, "We, who aspire after peace and reunification of Korea, write this letter to remind you that we strongly request you to take an appropriate measure so that the United Nations flag is no longer usurped by the United States of America as leader of the unified command in south Korea."

After reading the letter, the Chairman of the Meeting gave the opportunity to the Chairperson of the Indonesia-Korea Friendship & Cultural Exchange, Teguh Santosa to give closing remarks.

Teguh said he actually hoped that all of Korea's pro-peace friends could gather in Jakarta.

"We will not stop moving before lasting peace is created in Korea," he said.



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