Minutes of the Meeting Commemorating the 70 years in Defence of the National Sovereignty and World Peace, July 27th

THE meeting officially commenced at 3pm Jakarta Time by Director Ferguson. He welcomed the participants and he noticed how significant this gathering was. He stated how NATO forces have entered into the Asia-Pacific region and he stated regardless of the reckless m=exercises, that nothing will prevent a celebration of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Korea. He mentioned the statement by Mister Hudson of the U.K. and congratulate the participants for their travel to Jakarta. He stated that although he unfortunately can not make it to the event but praised all in attendance.

He invited Ambassador An Kwang Il to make his opening remarks. He welcomed and documented the notable chairmen gathered at the event and expressed his gratitude for his invitation to celebrate the anniversary of the victory of the great liberation war of the fatherland. The Ambassador continued to mention how the courage of the Korean people in conjunction with the leadership of President KIM IL SUNG led to the destruction of the global hegemony of the United States. He also praised KIM JONG UN’s whole hearted guidance towards the eternal preservation of the Korean nation.

The Director thanked the Ambassador for his remarks and welcomed the former Prime Minister of Nepal, His Excellency Mister Nepal. The Former Prime Minister addressed the Ambassador and Co-chairs of the Committee. He welcomed both the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Fatherland War and the 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the D.P.R.K. He spoke of the President KIM IL SUNG’s leadership which broke the U.S. world hegemony. He spoke about his experience speaking to the President in October 1993. He remarked how Sukarno of Indonesia stated that it is a shame how small Korea is given the worldwide stratagem dictated by KIM IL SUNG. He thanked the Great Leaders of Mount Paektu for their defence of the Korean People.

The Director commended the words and participation of His Excellency and called upon his Joint Secretary Mister Ansari to read the proposed letter from the APRCPRK to Comrade KIM JONG UN. Before Secretary began reading the letter he thanked Mister Santosa for his logistical organising of the conference this day. The Secretary read the letter addressed to Chairman KIM JONG UN in which the letter highlighted how KIM IL SUNG served as both the leader of the Korean nation and the most important example for the Korean nation. The Secretary highlighted the fact of the victory by a small nation against a global superpower. Health and success was wished in which the wish for an invincible state of Korea was made. Following the reading, the letter was put forward to a vote in which the Mister Raphael Mariano seconded; resulting in the letter was adopted unanimously.

A video was then displayed to the participants which commemorated the War of National Liberation. A war veteran recounted his pleasure that he experienced following the liberation of Korea. The video as a whole stressed that the flag of the D.P.R.K. was not just a symbol of the nation but a banner representing the embodiment of the land which has been given to Korea for posterity.

The Director then called upon Chairman Cooper of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, in which the Chairman began to recount the year of 1953 where the United States was hoping to still conquer all of Korea. The Chairman declared the struggling of the people to be a victory for the entire world. He stated that the International League of Peoples’ Struggle condemned the military build up and the malicious nuclear blackmail against Korea. The Chairman stated that Korea has been an anti-imperialist beacon for the world’s peoples. The International League therefore believes that the D.P.R.K. will continue to check attempts by the United States. The speech ended by the cry Long Live Peace and Justice on the Korean Peninsula.

The speech was then followed by the President of the Philippine-Korea Solidarity and Friendship Society, Mister Raphael Mariano who added that the War on Korea resulted in a tremendous defeat against the Imperialist Forces and he noted the importance of the celebration of the nation this upcoming September. Mister Mariano remarked that his society is one with the Korean people and their leaders. Whilst they are one, they will continue to support Korea in its struggle for freedom and independence.

Director Ferguson thanked Mister Mariano and invited Mister Gareth Morgan to speak of his transversal of the Korean Peninsula via motorcycle. He stated he took a rock from Mount Paektu and delivered it to the most northernly volcano on the south. He and his colleagues who performed this trek stated that their goal was to show that all people are human being and that political boundaries can be broken in order to achieve a geographical and personal unification of territory.

Succeeding this speech, Mister Ogbonna, the Chairman of the People’s Progressive Party of Nigeria thanked his colleague as he took the stage in which he spoke about the work of the OCIPGPP. The Chairman spoke of the important role and chairmanships of all the international participants. The Chairman highlighted how the Korean engagement exposed the true nature of the United States. He noted if Korea had been conquered, then it would have served as a roadmap for the conquest of other small nations across the world.

Following this speech the Director called upon a representative of the Vatan Party to deliver a speech on behalf of Doctor Dogu Perincek. The representative stated the whilst the United States is collapsing, Asia is rising and that Asia will see the reunification of the Korean Peninsula.
Mister Peter Wilson was called upon to explain the proposal of a letter by the APRCPRK to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Mister Wilson stated that the Korean War highlighted how the United States tricked the United Nations to use its banner as a cloak of respectability. Mister Wilson proposed to adopt the letter with the aim of preventing this guise of further use. The letter as stated was passed unanimously.

The Director remarked that as all the parts of the globe were represented, that this showed the voice of the people across the world. Mister Santosa closed the meeting with the following message that all the participants are the true champions and he thanked the delegates for their closing statements with special thanks to the former Prime Minister and the Ambassador.

The meeting was closed at 4:15pm Jakarta Time.



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