The Successful Summit Meeting Between His Excellency Kim Jong Un and President Vladimir Putin

The Successful Summit Meeting Between His Excellency Kim Jong Un and President Vladimir Putin

His Excellency, President Kim Jong Un is to be commended on his goodwill visit to the Russian Federation in this, the 75th year since the founding anniversary of the DPR Korea, and also the establishment of diplomatic relations with Russia.

The face to face summit provided a valuable occasion for a wide-ranging and in-depth exchange of views on important issues leading to  beneficial understandings on issues mutual concern.

It was agreed to make joint efforts to promote the well-being of the peoples of the two countries and raising the cooperative relations to a new higher level by further strengthening strategic and tactical cooperation between the two countries and extending strong support to and solidarity with each other, on the common front to counter imperialist  military threats and provocations.

This  visit has opened up a new chapter in  the traditional comrade-in-arms relationship between the DPR Korea and the Russian Federation and illustrates the truth of Nelson Mandela’s statement that negotiation and discussion are the greatest weapons for promoting peace and development.

The APRCPRK notes that there are other opportunities within the region for negotiation and discussion, especially with Japan where moderate conservative Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has for some months been floating the prospect of talks with the DPR Korea. He reiterated this again19th September 2023 addressing the United Nations General Assembly when he stated :

“From the perspective of opening up a new era together, I would like to convey my determination to meet with President Kim Jong-un face to face at any time without any conditions, and would like to hold high-level talks under my direct supervision to realize a summit meeting at an early time.”

Some observers doubt that Kishida is genuine, suggesting that he will be like the USA who claim the moral high ground and go through the motions but will never come to an agreement – as exemplified by their antics at the summit in Hanoi.

On the positive side, history shows that tensions between the DPR Korea and Japan were defused for some years after the last summit between Kim Jong Il and then Prime Minister of Japan, Junichiro Koizumi in 2002.

In Pyongyang last May, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Pak Sang Gil was reported as saying that if Japan "tries to make a new decision" and looks to improve the relationship, "there is no reason for the DPRK and Japan not to meet."

The APRCPRK supports taking advantage of this positive climate. Under the inspired leadership of His Excellency President Kim Jong Un, it is to be hoped that a better working relationship can be discussed and negotiated with neighboring Japan.

24th September 2023

Mr. Raymond Ferguson
Director, APRCPRK Secretariat
Secretary General, Australia-DPRK Friendship and Cultural Society

Mr. Teguh Santosa
Director, APAPRCPRK Public Information Bureau
Chairman, Indonesia-Korea Friendship and Cultural Exchange

Mr. Peter Wilson
Executive Member APRCPRK
Secretary, New Zealand – DPRK Society



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