Special Days in the Month of May

Special Days in the Month of May

May 05:
May 05, Juche 25 (1936), was the date when the great leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG founded the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland. The Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland is the first anti-Japanese national united front in Korea in its history organized by Leader KIM IL SUNG on 5 May, Juche 25 during a meeting held in Donggang, Fusong County in Jilin Province, China. The following is the 10-point program of the Association for the Restoration of the Fatherland by Leader KIM IL SUNG:


1. To overthrow the rule of the thieving Japanese imperialists, and to establish a genuine government of the Korean people by realizing the extensive anti-Japanese united front through the mobilization of the Korean nation.

2. To have the Koreans in Manchuria overthrow Japan and their tool “Manchukuo” and realize the genuine national autonomy for Koreans residing in Chinese territory through the close unity of the Korean and Chinese nations.

3. To remove the weapons of the Japanese army, gendarmes, police, and their tools and organize a revolutionary army that will genuinely fight for the independence of Korea.

4. To cover the expenses of the independence movement by confiscating all of the enterprises, railroads, banks, ships, farms, and irrigation systems owned by the Japanese state and Japanese persons and all of the property and land of traitorous pro-Japanese elements, and use a part of it to help poor people.

5. To cancel loans to people, various taxes, and the monopoly system of Japan and their tools, improve the lives of the general public, and develop the national industry, agriculture, and commerce without obstacles.

6. To achieve the freedoms of speech, publication, assembly, and association, oppose the realization of the terror policy and the promotion of feudalism by the Japanese imperialists, and release all political prisoners.

7. To rule out inequality such as between nobles and common people, improve human equality that does not discriminate based on sex, nationality, or religion and the social treatment of women, and respect the personality of women

8. To abolish slave labor and slave education, oppose the compulsory military service and the military education of the youth, educate using our language and writing, and realize compulsory free education.

9. To realize the 8-hour work system, improve working conditions, increase wages, determine labor laws, realize the law on the insurance of workers from state institutions, and help unemployed working masses.

10. To closely unite with nations and states that treat the Korean nation equally and maintain comradely friendship with countries and nations that express goodwill and neutrality on the liberation movement of our nation.

May 09:
On May 09, 2017, His Excellency KIM JONG UN was elected to the high post of the Chairman of the glorious Workers' Party of Korea. Coming May 09, 2024, would be the 8th anniversary of His Excellency KIM JONG UN's election to the high post of the Chairman of the glorious Workers' Party of Korea. Let us extend our warm congratulations to the Supreme leader of the DPR Korea.

The Workers’ Party of Korea, having a glorious history of anti-imperialist struggle, has always inspired the people to struggle against tyranny, injustice, and oppression all over the world. At present the world people is watching the surprising results under the far-sighted leadership of His Excellency KIM JONG UN's continuation of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

May 25:     
May 25, 1955, is the significant day when the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) came into being. The glorious course covered by Chongryon, a dignified overseas citizens organization of the DPRK, is associated with the wise guidance and benevolent love of President KIM IL SUNG and Leader Kim Jong Il.

When the movement of Koreans in Japan was at the crossroads of survival and ruin, President KIM IL SUNG advanced the Juche-oriented policy of making line switchover and formed Chongryon, saying that the Koreans in Japan should work for their homeland and nation and carry on the Korean revolution although they live in Japan. This is the greatest exploit he performed in the history of the movement of Koreans in Japan. We are very proud to recall back the memory of Chongryon's nearly seven decades of glorious history of hard struggle for the sovereignty and dignity of their country — Democratic Peoples’ Republic of Korea — and for the rights of the Korean people living abroad.

Chongryon is the most significant and dignified association of residents abroad in the whole world and it is the most glorious association, which is struggling hard to achieve prosperity with dignity under the brilliant leadership of the great leader His Excellency KIM JONG UN.

Let us avail ourselves of this opportunity to wish Chongryon through our congratulatory message, great success in its noble mission to achieve human rights of the Korean residents in Japan and to safeguard the sovereignty and dignity of the glorious Fatherland – Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

May 25:
May 25 was another memorable day when the DPR of Korea successfully tested the self-defensive Second Nuclear Test, in 2009. It has added another pride not only to the just loving heroic Korean people, who are very much proud of their socialism based on popular masses, but also to the world's progressive people, who treasure independence, peace, and dignity. 



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