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The Illegal and Aggressive ‘UN Command’ Should be Dissolved without Delay

Warm greetings of Korean National Peace Committee from Pyongyang!   This is to share the information about the current tensed situation on the Korean peninsula due to the U.S. and the puppet south Korean military gangsters who are going to hold the first meeting of defense authorities of puppet south Korea and member states of the “UN Command” in the region of south Korean puppets on November 14.   This confab, to be hel ...

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Marshal Kim Jong Un and the Army

Marshal Kim Jong Un is a leader who has close relationships and loves the people. All elements of the Korean people love him as a reliable figure in the Korean development process. The following are some photos that illustrate Marshal Kim Jong Un's close relationship with the Korean People's Army, which together with other elements of the people are the backbone of an independent and prosperous Korean state. []